Handmade Christening Gown

I received a stole that Elizabeth made as a gift, and it impressively elegant, functional, and durable. I look forward to many years of prayerful use from her work!

Father Gabriel T.

Baptismal Gowns

Celebrate the arrival of a new member of your family with a christening gown or romper. Our handmade baptismal gowns are customized to your specifications. Choose from a variety of styles and fabrics or have an heirloom wedding dress turned into a Christening gown for a child or grandchild. Make your gown even more unique and special with our custom embroidery and monogramming services.


Looking for a handmade and personalized christening gown?

Our Christening Gowns Can Include

Custom Fit

Choice of Fabric

Lining Options



Choice of Style