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Suit Alterations

Whether you need to look fashionable for an upcoming wedding or sharp for your next interview, the talented tailors at St. Clare’s Closet make your men’s suit and tuxedo alterations simple and easy.


Suits & Tuxedos

Unless your suit has been custom made, it can be hard to find one that ticks every box and matches all of your measurements. If you need adjustments to make your suit look its best, we have the expertise and resources to perform those alterations with the highest level of precision in the industry. From pant hems to jacket alterations, we can transform any suit into a bespoke work of art that will leave you feeling confident.


Jackets & Vests

If your buttons are gapping or your sleeves are too long, we are here to help. Some of the common alterations we perform include shortening or lengthening jacket sleeves, tapering the sleeves or sides of the jacket, and shortening or lengthening the hem. Get personalized tailoring advice in a private consultation with our in-house tailors.


Shirts & Pants

With our simple and easy alterations process, we will ensure your shirts are expertly tailored to complete the perfect look. In addition, we can hem suit pants, as well as adjust the waist or taper the legs in or out to create a flattering look and fit.





Sleeve Adjustments

Jacket Adjustments


Pant Adjustments


What Our Clients Say

I had my suit tailored for my upcoming wedding. Their seamstress not only did a fantastic job but was able to provide advice to make my suit look even more professional and fashionable. They had me try on my pants with my dress shoes so the length would be perfect. The suit alterations looked great! I would definitely recommend St. Clare’s Closet for all your men’s suit alteration and tailoring needs.

Nick S.


In Need of Custom Alterations?

Talk to an expert seamstress for a free quote.

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